Frequently Asked Questions

n How much does it cost? Pricing may vary depending on meal programs and more.
n When are new menus displayed? Each new weekly menu will be posted on Mondays around noon.
n When are payments and orders due? All orders (including edits) and payments are due on Fridays by noon (EST).
n Can meals be only refrigerated? No, meals can be frozen! Food prep meals are suggested to be refrigerated up to seven days and can be frozen until day of consumption. Do not leave meals in direct heat or warm conditions due to spoiling of food. Majority of food is completely fresh. Please use your best judgement!
n Do I have to order all the same meals? Mix and match is optional. *When placing orders, please include any known allergies. *
n Where is the business located? Sumter, South Carolina. Health's 2 You services Sumter and surrounding areas. Areas outside of Sumter City limits, will incur a minimum $10 delivery fee.
n Do you ship? Unfortunately, not yet. Shipping options are being worked on! Be on the look out!
n How do I heat up my meals? Our meals can be heated in the microwave. Use your best judgement when heating due to varying microwave temperatures.
n What if I am allergic to something? We do accommodate allergies. We ask when checking out that you share your allergies with us. So, the necessary precautions and actions can be taken.
n Can I make changes to my order? Yes, you can make the necessary changes to your order before the deadline. You can email ( or call us and we will respond back to you with confirming the necessary changes.
n I am not able to gather my meals on Sunday? We understand. You can always contact us and we can work together to figure it out.
n When is delivery and pickup? Pickup and delivery times are between noon and six (EST) on Sundays. If other arrangements need to be made please contact us.
n What is a restocking fee? We understand life can happen. If there is no communication of necessary arrangements, you will be charged a $5 restocking fee per day upon gathering your meals. Restocking is valid for 3 days. If not gathered by Wednesday, your meals will be discarded and no refund.